Curriculum Vitae

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Research keywords

Computational and theoretical chemistry Molecular Modeling Biomolecules Enzyme Reactivity
Quantum Chemistry Molecular Mechanics QM/MM Methods Molecular Dynamics
Semiempirical Methods Linear Scaling Algorithms Reaction Paths Protein pKa



Research Activities

Research Record

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Grants, Honors & Awards

Scientific collaborations (as PI) Years Funding sources
Bogazici University, Turkey 2013-2014 CNRS - Tubitak
2009-2010 CNRS - Tubitak
2006-2007 PHC Bosphorus
Istanbul Technical University, Turkey 2016-2017 PHC Bosphorus
2014-2015 PHC Bosphorus
University of Copenhagen, Denmark 2010 Frency Embassy
2010 French-Danish mobility program
Industrial Research Contracts Years
Sanofi Aventis 2003-2005
Aventis Pharma 2001-2002
Scientific collaborations (as a participant) Years Funding sources
ANR Blanche: CREAM 2009-2012 Agence Nationale de la Recherche
ACI IMPBio: SIRE 2004-2007 French Ministry of Research
ACI GRID: GRID-ASP 2002-2005 French Ministry of Research

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Research Administration

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